Teaching Statement & Philosophy:

The prospects to teach and work with students and to develop new educational resources and methods are my primary reasons for seeking an academic career. My academic background, teaching experience make me well-prepared to teach introductory level and Advance level modules to teach IT and Computer Science courses.

The utmost significant thing that we can teach our students is that CS/IT is interesting, appropriate, and exciting.  A student who is curious and interested in the subject is easy to teach, but unfortunately not all students arrive in the classroom in this state of mind. It is the concern of the teacher to present the subject in an interesting and engaging manner that shows the elegance and beauty of Computer Science as well as its applicability to solving concrete and real-world problems and to nurture each student’s latent desire to learn.

Courses Taught/Teaches:

• Security and Risk Management
• Wireless Networks
• Information System Management
• Introduction to Computer Science
• Fundamentals of Networking
• Information Assurance and Security
• Operating System
• Hardware and Networks
• Fundamentals of Information Management
• Network Communications and Security
• Cyber Security
• Management Information Systems
• Mobile Computing
• Cyber Law & Ethics
• IT and Society
• Innovation and Entrepreneurship
• Research Methodologies
• Emerging Technologies – Research Methods
• IT & Project Management
• Incident Response and Disaster Recovery
• Ethical Hacking
• IT Governance and Strategy