A picture of one Farooq Bandial being welcomed by Imran Khan flashed on social media and went viral with condemnation from many quarters in strongest terms. Bandial was allegedly involved in a 1979 rape case of leading film actress Shabnam. While the move was abhorrent and distasteful to say the least, it is heartening to note that party removed him from its ranks after his involvement in rape case went viral.

Do you know which party Bundial was in before his short-lived stint in PTI? If you don’t know. Let me tell you. He was with PML-N. Those writing strong notes against him on social media were dead quiet when Bundial was with Nawaz Sharif. What happened to your words of condemnation then?

I am baffled to see how unashamedly many of those raising their voice against PTI’s wrong decision are actually supporting PML-N and Nawaz Sharif in the same breath. If it is so bothersome for you to see a political party accepting an alleged rapist, what makes you overlook the same sin in PML-N? Not only do you choose to ignore the presence of several rapes accused in the party, you actually go a step further by voicing your support. How shameless! How brazenly preposterous. A wrong is a wrong irrespective of who commits it. If PTI’s wrong is condemnable, then support for the others who are more deeply involved in the same crimes exposes your own dishonesty and bias.

Let me remind you of some characters within PML-N:

– Three sons of PML-N MNA Mian Farooq were accused of gang-raping a girl and case was registered against them and later dropped when the victim and her family declined to pursue it. We need not wonder why they chose to back off.

– Mian Adnan Sanaullah, a youth wing leader of PML-N was involved in a gang-rape rape case

– Salman Hanif, MNA was accused of raping his driver’s wife and it was widely reported in media

– MPA Nawaz Khan Rind’s son was accused of rape by a girl and the news was reported in media

– President PML-N UK Basharat Hussain had a rape case against him in Pakistan

– Biggest child pornography case in Pakistan was unearthed in Kasur and name of MPA Malik Ahmed Saeed Khan of PML-N was widely reported as being linked to it; he helped cover up the case.

– MPA Irfanullah Marwat, son-in-law of former President Ghulam Ishaq Khan was directly involved in the gang-rape of Veena Hayat, a close friend of Benazir Bhutto, in the early 1990s. Veena’s father, Sardar Shaukat Hayat Khan who was a close friend of Ghulam Ishaq Khan approached him through an impassioned letter but to no avail.

These are just some of the cases involving active members and parliamentarians of PML-N.

So while Bundial’s induction was detestable, support for PML-N only reflects your hypocrisy and double standards. And while PTI reacted to the outcry and removed Bundial, PML-N continues to keep the black sheep in its ranks. Another gem of PML-N, Rana Sanaullah who is known to rub shoulders with extremists from banned organizations, can go ahead and defend these criminals but you won’t utter a word or write a post.

One finds it hard to see unbiased analysts who have the guts to call a spade a spade irrespective of their political affiliations and choices and condemn a wrong unambiguously and regardless of who’s involved.


Written By:  Junaid Zuberi

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