Atta-ur-Rahman, PhD, FRS, FPAS, is a Pakistani scientist specializing in organic chemistry who served as the Chairman of the Higher Education

Dr. Atta Ur Rahman is popularly known for being a revolutionary minister for science and technology who created Higher Education Commission (HEC) and took some important decisions to promote higher education in Pakistan. He is also credited with establishing a strong research culture in institutes of higher education based on internationally recognized principles.

What many people are unaware of are his contributions in the area of organic chemistry. He is one of the finest researchers from Pakistan with more than 800 international publications, which include research papers, books, articles and other scholarly publications in the area of organic chemistry. He is also a recipient of Pakistan’s highest civilian award Nishan-i-Imtiaz. Dr. Atta Ur Rahman has supervised work of more than 72 Ph.D. scholars. His work at HEJ Institute of Chemistry at Karachi University is truly inspiring for scientist community world over which resulted in him being awarded the coveted UNESCO Science Prize in 1999.

These few words as a citation to the UNESCO Science Prize for Dr. Atta Ur Rahman sum up the achievements of this Amazing Pakistani scientist:
“Professor Atta-Ur-Rahman has been committed to the advancement of his scientific field internationally and also in his native Pakistan where he has spent most of his professional life. He established and remains director of the H.E.J. Research Institute of Chemistry in Pakistan, a research facility for natural product chemistry, the first major center of its kind in Pakistan and among the best in the region.”

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